Background Screening

Many Associations have provisions requiring any new resident (an owner or tenant) to go through a background check prior to moving into the Association. It is something most Associations should think about to help protect their residents from violent offenders and sexual predators. If your Association does not currently have language in their Documents to allow such screening, it is something that should be brought to the Boards attention, to help keep the neighborhood safe.

One thing many Associations do not think about is how they get the background check. Ideally the Board or Property Manager of the Association should be the party requesting the background screening, and have the report sent directly to them. Having the realtor, tenant or owner provide the background report to the Board can leave room for false reports. In this day of digital documents, it is very easy to falsify information, and while an Association is doing the right thing by researching who is moving into their neighborhood, the best practice is to cut out a middleman, and request to receive the background checks directly from the reporting agency.

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