Dental and Medical Transactions

We have experience assisting dentists and physicians with a wide array of practice ownership matters. Each aspect of practice ownership and transition, from practice start-up, acquisition, expansion, and practice closure demands a unique set of skills. Our attorneys are seasoned in each of these aspects and have experience drafting documents and negotiating terms. From business formation documents and partnership agreements to employment contracts, we have assisted dentists and doctors achieve their goals in what often is the largest purchase of their lives.

As a realtor and having a business background with an MBA, Attorney Richards has insight and a unique perspective on real property matters that impact commercial leasing and property acquisition for medical and dental practices. as well as viewing each transaction as an business decision not just a set of legal documents. Our firm understands the implications of finer details, such as the careful construction of restrictive covenants to protect the long-term health of our clients’ practices. We aim to help dentists and physicians successfully build and grow practices while minimizing risk and uncertainty.