Landlords Should Keep Saftey First

When you deal with landlord-tenant law, a majority of the time it is based on nonpayment of rent. Typically the answers to most landlord questions rely on the law and its’ application to their situation. Every once in a while, you come across situations where you have to look outside of the legal system. If a landlord ever feels as if they are threatened or that dealing with a tenant might put them in a dangerous position, including physical harm, the landlord needs to immediately contact law enforcement.

I have encountered many situations where a landlord is requesting the rent, and a tenant puts them off a month, then two months, and finally they landlord says the need to take appropriate action but is still willing to work with the tenant. It is situations like that, when a tenant goes as far as threatening a landlord, actually doing physical harm or property damage, or acting out in a manner that can lead to physical or financial damage to the landlord. As much as a landlord wants to help or be the nice landlord, they need to pay attention to when a situation is escalating and if they or their family may be in harms way. Many times a landlord has had a working relationship with a tenant in the past and when it comes to rent and money things have worked things out. Sometimes things start to go in a direction that is not positive, and the landlord needs to make sure to keep an eye out for when that happens.

At the end of the day, it is only money, and you and your family’s safety will always be far more important. If you should ever feel threatened, call law enforcement first and then reevaluate the situation.

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