New Florida Association Laws – HB 1195

Today, House Bill 1195 (HB1195) will go into effect, and there will be some new laws governing Florida’s Condominium and Homeowner’s Associations. This year’s changes to Florida Statute 718 and 720 are not major ones, but there are a few items that should be looked at.

Closed Door Board Meetings
Florida Statute 718.112(2)(c)3 now allows for a Condo Board to hold closed meetings for the purposes of discussing matters that pertain to personnel, but an attorney must still be present when discussing any purposed or pending litigation in order for any other type of closed door meeting to be held. This now makes the Condo requirements consistent with the HOA requirements of Florida Statute 720.303(2).

Participation in Board Meetings
Florida Statute 720.303(2)(b) removes the requirement that HOA members must petition the Board in order to speak at any Board meetings, and also allows for HOA members that have the right to speak at any Board meeting, the ability to reference all items.

Collection of Rents
Florida Statutes 718.116(11) (for Condos) and 720.3085(8) (for HOAs) address the laws that went into effect last year as to the directing of rents from a tenant in an property, directly to the Association if the owner of the property is delinquent in their assessments. Then new laws delete references to future monetary obligations and they clarify that demand for rent is for subsequent rental payments due from the tenant. A very important part that is clarified, is that upon written notice from the Association, a tenant is responsible to pay all subsequent rental payments to the Association until all monetary obligations of the unit owner that concern the unit the tenant is living in have been paid in full.

There are a few other ones that will be discussed in the next posting.

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