Termination of a Tenancy Outside of a Lease

Many times I come across landlords who find themselves in a position where the lease they entered into with their tenant has expired, and they are wondering where that leaves them in terms of how to terminate their tenancy and possibly evict a tenant. Florida Statute 83.57 specially addresses how to terminate a tenancy that does not have a specific duration. It gives the following notice guidelines that either party may give written notice:
Yearly…….. not less than 60 days notice
Quarterly… not less than 30 days notice
Monthly…… not less than 15 days notice
Weekly…… not less than 7 days notice

The time period is typically defined by when the rent is tendered, such as a monthly tenancy is where the rent is paid on a monthly basis.

As always, there can be many factors that can come into play when evaluating a situation, so it is best to examine it from all angles.

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